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Allegory offers a wide range of custom solutions for insurers, brokers, fleets and other mobility companies.

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Mobile application SDK

If your business already has an existing app but cannot track driving behaviour, you can easily integrate our SDK to generate and use our unique scoring models. With a few easy steps, you can also coach your drivers to prevent risks and increase your workforce's safety.

Who this is for: We recommend this solution to insurers, car rental and ride-hailing companies and fleets with an existing mobile application.

Pricing and analytics

Do you need to upgrade your existing pricing models? With our global experience in P&C insurance pricing and actuarial science, we can help you build and implement a modern pricing model that will increase your GWP and boost your profitability.

Case Study: A medium-sized insurer was running a net underwriting loss ratio of more than 150%. By including additional data sets and implementing a GLM (Generalized Linear Model), the insurer had not only increased their GWP 3.5 times in one calendar year, but they also have seen a significant improvement in their loss ratio, i.e. down to 85% in the first year and 82% in the second year.

Artificial Intelligence

We know how complicated business processes can get. We can help you reduce such complexities in your pricing, underwriting, or claims handling to optimize with our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Example: Your business is currently monitoring driving behaviour but unable to determine your drivers' attentiveness. Using the data you've collected, we can run our AI models to identify the least attentive drivers and help you create solutions to reduce this duration. 

If you are interested in any of these solutions, you can reach out to us by sending an email. We're always more than happy to discuss your business needs and implement the right solution for you.

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