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It's now possible to price auto insurance using the actual risk a driver gets into an accident.

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At first glance, auto insurance seems pretty simple. After all, it's a mandatory requirement for legally driving a car. But behind the scenes, it can be a very complicated process for an insurer to figure out how to determine what your premium can be; and, to maintain a business doing so. It's simple in that you pay a premium to an insurance company, and they pay for any losses that might occur. Where it gets more complex is that not everybody has the same risk profile--even if they have the same demographic profile--and figuring out how much to charge them can become nothing more than a guessing game! Traditionally, insurance companies look at variables like the number of drivers using your car, their age, gender, postal code, driving history, vehicle details, even sometimes marital status. They then use this to calculate a premium for you; usually for a policy that covers you for one year.

This probably all sounds familiar to you, but there is something very wrong here. 

What about your actual driving behaviour?

The bad news is that most companies don't really care about how you drive, simply because they can't figure out how you drive as an individual or use it to determine your risk profile. The primary factor that most company's use when calculating your premium is the criteria listed above like your age, gender, and postal code; but, never your specific actions and choices as you drive. We here at Allegory are here to change that.

Our core proposal at Allegory is to introduce integrated insurance that uses all of the primary factors that determine your risk profile as a driver. This means that at Allegory, we determine your risk profile and how much you pay based only on your choices as a driver.

By taking this approach, our goal is to help you reduce your accident risk, prevent injury, and then make your insurance personalized where by improving your risk profile you can lower the premiums that you pay. Allegory Insurance, through our app, can observe and coach drivers to improve their driving. This allows us to offer you real-time, risk-based pricing. Simply, the better you drive the lower your insurance premium will be. And with our app coaching and incentivizing every driver to improve their driving behaviour, every individual is not only able to lower their own cost but create a safer environment for the community around them.

Based on feedback from our users, we've also seen that many drivers are looking for a simple mobile app where they can purchase and manage their insurance policies. We've listened and have built an app-only solution for all of your insurance needs. This will not only make your life easy but empower you to access your insurance faster, keep you updated and help you save money. Furthermore, we will not drown you with complicated jargon. Everything is transparent and straightforward.

At Allegory, we are here to offer services based on your behaviour, choices and specifically designed to cater to your story. Join us today, and let's rewrite the story of insurance, but this time together!

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