The future of insurance.

Allegory gives insurers and brokers the tools to understand their customers, and price premiums fairly.

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What if telematics had an API?

Allegory helps insurers and brokers to understand their customers better and price premiums fairly.

Allegory Insurance Score

Step 1

Your current or prospective customers download and use the Allegory app for free.

Step 2

They complete a series of tasks to develop and improve their Insurance Score.

Step 3

Once ready, you can access a driver's Insurance Score through a simple API, with user consent.

  • Building an Insurance Score

    Drivers can build their Insurance Score in as little as 2 weeks. Unlike a credit score, we only use the data that really impacts their auto insurance risk.

  • Smart Coaching

    Drivers can drastically improve their Insurance Score by following the simple tips we provide directly to them through the app.

  • Fair Premium

    While drivers benefit from a lower premium, insurers can achieve a much better loss-ratio with no upfront investment.

No coding required.

Any insurer or broker that currently provide auto insurance coverage in North America can use our Insurance Score product either directly or as a complementary factor in their pricing and underwriting.

Allegory Smart Actuary (ASA)

The easiest way to lower your loss ratio and boost your profitability.

Allegory Smart Actuary is built by actuaries, engineers and data scientists to give you the tools so that it's as easy as possible for you to focus on what is truly important for your insurance business.

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It’s not just software.
It’s smart data for your business.

  • Suggested risk premium based on a driver's Insurance Score
  • Aggregated behavioural statistics
  • In-depth portfolio risk analysis
  • No-IBN(E)R with advanced claims triage

Professional Services

Change is never easy.
But can do the hard work for you.

With our global experience in insurance, actuarial sciences and artificial intelligence, we can help you smoothly transition into the future of insurance.

Portfolio Analysis

From penetration analysis to historical development, we can show you ADAS related benefits and risks.


Combining our historical data set with your portfolio, we can help you build state-of-the-art models that make sense for your customers.


Create portfolio-specific ADAS scores, and build them into your pricing. Build campaigns to make sure you're targeting the right market segments.

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