Our Mission
Allegory is an insurance technology company that aims to take insurance back to its fair and inclusive roots. We are rebuilding insurance as a fully digital and innovative business from the ground. We leverage technology, data, machine learning, contemporary design, behavioural and actuarial science to help you reduce the risks in your life and provide affordable insurance coverage for you and your family. After all, we believe that insurance is about prevention and protection, not punishment or discrimination.

Our approach is non-traditional compared to those active in the insurance market. We leverage the power of digitally native social communities to help everyone reduce their accident risk. Starting with our mobility product serviced via a mobile application, we help all drivers become the best by proactively coaching them to improve their driving. Our product also supports micromobility (Bike, e-Bike, e-Scooter, EPAC) riders to help them move safely around their neighbourhoods.

The name of our company comes from the famous analogy written by Plato, “The Allegory of the Cave.” With our decades of collective experience in financial institutions and insurance, we realized that something was significantly wrong with the industry, impacting our finances negatively rather than improving them. However, we firmly believe that there is a much better “world” outside, as it’s symbolized perfectly by Plato in his analogy, which is why we founded Allegory.

We welcome everyone to join us on the journey to the future of mobility insurance. Our mission is clear: let’s start rewriting this story together.
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