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Allegory to unveil two new product features

Allegory on press | Allegory to unveil two new product features

Published on : 
December 5, 2021
Updated on : 
March 6, 2022

Today's insurance industry--one of the world's biggest industries, a critical enabler of economic growth and financial stability--has many problems. While the urge for startups like us will always be to cure existing "pain," we must also find ways to build a future where fewer, "painkillers," are needed.

With this in mind, today we unveil the first part of the foundation of our vision for the future of insurance: focus on prevention before protection using social-based insurance, powered by digitally native communities.

While this is just the beginning for us, we hope to make it as easy as possible for everyone to become a safer driver with two new features we're launching today.

Social Sharing:

Invite your friends and family members directly from the app, and share your experience to encourage them to stay safe.

Digital Communities:

By working together, we can substantially eliminate risks from our lives to create a better future for all.

Progress is impossible without change. It's up to us to create it. We welcome everyone to join us on this journey to the future of insurance.

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