How does the machine know?

Allegory uses various sensors to create your Insurance Score.

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When we first launched Allegory, one of the most common questions we received from our customers was, “how does the machine know?” In this blog, we will briefly explain exactly that: how, “the machine,” knows your driving behaviour.

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Today, almost all smartphones come with the ability to measure various types of data using embedded sensors such as GPS for location, an accelerometer for acceleration, and a gyroscope for angular velocity. Each of these is responsible for some unique functionality that can be used to make our lives easier. One example is the navigation app that you have uses GPS to help you travel to your destination. Another is that the mobile phone’s auto-rotate function uses the gyroscope and accelerometer to know when to switch between landscape and portrait modes.

Once the Allegory app detects that you are on a car trip, it starts collecting data from these sensors to collect your current speed, calculate the total distance you have driven, understand how fast you take any turns, or how hard you brake. Allegory then uses this data to calculate various driving scores by considering all relevant primary risk factors (e.g. attentive driving, acceleration, cornering). This is then used to generate your overall Insurance Score which can be directly used to lower your insurance premium, along with other variables such as your vehicle’s details. Allegory believes your actual driving behaviour should be more relevant than your age or gender to determine your insurance premium.

At Allegory, we promise that we will never let you drive yourself through a lake or leave you in the dark when you need the protection provided by auto insurance. Following the tips provided by our application, you can improve your driving, which improves your overall Insurance Score. Ultimately this means that you're at a lower risk as a driver so that you can get the lower premium that you deserve immediately.

Join us today to understand your behaviour, improve your driving, and get a better insurance premium from Allegory.

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