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How much will your insurance go up after an accident?

In this post, we talk about how much increase you should expect on your car insurance renewal after an accident

Published on : 
October 15, 2021
Updated on : 
March 1, 2022

It really depends on multiple things and situations which we have summarized below:

How long have you been insured with your current company?

Some insurance companies provide additional coverage called "accident protection", "claims protection", or "accident forgiveness." Depending on how long you have been insured with your current company, i.e. usually at least five years, you might have this coverage as part of your policy. Also, some companies offer this as an add-on product, which you or your insurance broker might have added this onto your policy.

According to The Simple Dollar, below is what some of the leading providers charge after an accident:

Company Name Increase by Dollar Amount Increase by Percentage
Travellers $2,174 64 percent increase
Progressive $2,231 48 percent increase
Allstate $2,752 43 percent increase
USAA $1,742 42 percent increase
AAA $2,819 41 percent increase
Geico $1,971 40 percent increase
Farmers Insurance $2,647 32 percent increase
Nationwide $1,745 18 percent increase
State Farm $1,657 14 percent increase
American Family $2,161 13 percent increase
Erie Insurance $1,398 13 percent increase

What kind of accident did you have?

There are two types of accidents: when you're at-fault and when you are not-at-fault. If you're in an accident where it's determined that you are not-at-fault, you don't need to be concerned, your premiums shouldn't increase because it wasn't your fault. However, if it was determined that you were at-fault, then it really depends on your company and policy. However, on average, we typically see a 50% increase in your premiums with your next renewal.

For example: you've been licensed for at least 10 years, and you just had your first accident. In this case, your driving record or insurance history will be negatively affected, but not as much as someone who has been licensed for only three or five years.

On a side note, you can build your unbiased driving score history with the Allegory App for free.

What was the total cost of repair even if you were at-fault?

In some states and Canadian provinces, there is a regulatory minimum threshold that an accident cannot be considered as at-fault, meaning it has no impact on your renewal premium. While this sounds great at first, this threshold is usually small, around $2,000, more than the typical deductible.

Check if your current insurance company has a premium calculator

Some companies have an interactive premium calculator on their website. By entering some of your policy details, you might get a sense of how much an increase you should expect on your next renewal.

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